Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lent V

  • The day began in a relatively humane fashion, as my visitation was in town (St Luke's) and the liturgy was not until 10:30. Read the paper and prayed the morning ofice at home.
  • Brenda and I got to St Luke's in time for me to meet for a few minutes with the group of ten confirmands (mostly young teenagers). They seemed quite well-prepared, and excited about what was taking place. With only a couple of minor missteps, the service went very smoothly, and was a joyous occasion all around. It is beginning to dawn on me that I will be posing for A LOT of pictures in the coming years. 
  • I'm particularly excited about the ministry of St Luke's because it is so much a neighborhood parish, and is truly incarnate in its neighborhood in a way that relatively few congregations are. This is a missional model I suspect we will be seeking to emulate and replicate in lots of other places. 
  • Got home after being well-fed at St Luke's and dozed in and out during what turned out to be a losing effort by the Cubs in Milwaukee, though that sad outcome did not take shape until the last few minutes of the game. Then I worked with Brenda in the yard for a good while, cleaning up leaves from flower beds, and getting them properly packaged and out on the curb for pickup tomorrow.
  • Evening Prayer on the patio while the coals in the Big Green Egg were heating up.

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