Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

  • Preached at the early Mass and presided and preached at the principal celebration at the cathedral. Both liturgies went smoothly and were well-attended. I was particularly moved by the choir's rendition, as a "gospel walkback" anthem, of the Orthodox liturgical text: "Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life."
  • I'm still embracing the learning curve of episcopal choreography; the moves with the mitre and crozier are not yet second nature to me. But all things in time, and I do feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I'm doing (and, I suppose, being what I'm being). 
  • After a nap, afternoon festivities at the home of some parishioners of St Paul's who have been incredibly hospitable to us since our arrival in Springfield. Spent some quality time playing Wii-golf with their two teenage kids. 
  • Now planning to take two consecutive whole days off. So plan on seeing something in this space again Wednesday evening. Christ is risen.

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