Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Friday

  • I'm not fanatical enough to have deprived myself of sleep in order to watch the royal wedding live, but I'm interested enough to have delayed the start of my work day a bit in order to watch the DVR'ed version. On the whole, it made me rather proud to be an Anglican today. Everything was stunningly beautiful, and the Christian vision of marriage was proclaimed winsomely and unashamedly.
  • Morning Prayer in the car, using the memorized short form.
  • More "important but not urgent" administrative tasks. Several, in fact.
  • Met with the Archdeacon and with Vice-Chancellor Kevin Babb (for nearly three hours!), talking about canonical reform in general and in particular the revision of our canons to implement the drastic changes to Title IV (clergy discipline) that take effect on July 1. Relieved that we now have a plan.
  • Lunch with Fr Denney at a mediocre Mexian restaurant. Still looking for haute cuisine with a Mexican accent in Springfield. Fiesta on Stevenson is evidently not it.
  • Phoned the office of the Bishop of Milwaukee to schedule an appointment with him next week when I'm in the area for a meeting at Nashotah House.
  • Phoned a priest of the diocese who is in particular need of pastoral care at this time.
  • Hand-wrote notes to the clergy of the diocese (and spouses) who celebrate birthdays, ordination anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries during the month of May. It doesn't much matter what I wrote, because my handwriting is not exactly legible anymore. But it's the thought that counts!
  • Wrote another ad clerum letter ("to the clergy"), my third. (It will go out by email on Monday.)
  • Greeted the Bishop of West Tennessee and his his wife, who were passing through Springfield en route back to Memphis from a meeting in Chicago. They are old friends of Dean Brodie and Linda, who were entertaining them briefly.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon over some outstanding issues in advance of his being out of the office next week.
  • Evening Prayer in the car once again. Glad to have the short forms, but I don't want to make a habit of this. Today just got away from me.

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