Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral, in the somber nave, then some time praying in the chapel at the Altar of Repose.
  • Finished and refined my Easter sermon. 
  • Took a longish phone call wherein the subject was the special project I am working on in connection with my membership on the Nashotah House board. The issue is certainly getting more complex before we'll be able to do anything to make it simpler.
  • Looked at propers for Easter III, gearing up for preparing a sermon for my visit to St James, McLeansboro on May 8. After a bit of wrestling, I feel like I have a sense of direction with it.
  • Went home for a while to look at some troubling rain drainage patterns that Brenda had called my attention to. Ended up getting on a ladder and hand-clearing a couple of gutter downspouts of leaves and debris. Things are flowing a little better now. We've had lots of rain.
  • Took my sermon for Easter II (May 1 at St John's Chapel in Champaign) to the next level or preparation.
  • After a couple of mundane chores, I took the time to compose a Good Friday blog post.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral, then time with tonight's sanctuary party to lay the foundation for the Good Friday liturgy.
  • The liturgy itself covered all the bases, and covered them reasonably well: Word with Passion Gospel (and homily by the Dean), Solemn Collects, Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion from Reserved Sacrament.

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