Friday, April 15, 2011

  • Still "under the weather." Chest and head cold. Email processing and Morning Prayer at home.
  • Debriefed with the Archdeacon on sundry pastoral and administrative issues.
  • Met with a potential aspirant to Holy Orders. Not only my first visit with him, but my first visit in that genre. I thought it went well.
  • Hit the road to Champaign. Talked at length on the phone with two clergy on some pressing issues that affect them. (For the record, I have a wonderful Bluetooth connection between my iPhone and my car's audio system, so I had two hands on the wheel at all times.)
  • Lunch with Fr Tim Hallett. He's retiring on Pentecost after 35 years at the Chapel of St John the Divine, so this was my opportunity to do a very informal exit interview as I prepare to colloaborate with the vestry in calling his successor. Nice tour of the University of Illinois campus and the chapel's physical plant. I'm excited about all the good things that can happen in campus ministry.
  • More phone conversation, this time with a key lay leader, on the way back to Springfield.
  • Stopped by the office long enough to check in briefly with the Archdeacon, process some items that had accumulated on my desk, and head home to ensconce myself in a recliner and try to get well.
  • Instead of watching a movie, we are transfixed by keeping up with the tornado warnings that are affecting our area.

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