Wednesday, April 20, 2011

  • Uusual morning routine ... Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • No appointments today, so it was a good opportunity to just punch out items on the do-do list: 
  • Worked on sermons for Maundy Thursday, Easter, and Easter II. As one of those occasions is tomorrow night, it got the most attention. (I seem to settling into a three-week sermon incubation rhythm, so I need to yet get Easter III into the pipeline this week.)
  • Processed items that had accumulated on my desktop (my literal desktop, that is) over the last seven days (this is normally a Tuesday task, but I didn't get to it yesterday).
  • Wrote a letter to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Belleville seeking permission to use one of his churches for the ordination of Jeff Kozuszek to the priesthood on June 10.
  • Returned a phone call and scheduled an appointment with a lay person seeking counsel in discernment for ministry (not necessarily ordained).
  • Spoke by phone with another bishop regarding a clergy deployment issue.
  • Spoke by phone with Dave Lattan, the chair of the camp board, regarding some details about this coming summer's camp week.
  • Responded to emails from a candidate for Holy Orders and from the senior warden of one of our parishes.
  • Planned some of the details of the liturgy for my "welcoming and seating" in the cathedral on 15 May.
  • Evening Prayer in my office.

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