Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

  • This was a day that started out well--i.e. in the usual manner--but had trouble picking up traction. Or so it felt. I processed several emails, and wrote a few others. Got some appointments on my calendar that needed to be gotten there and touched base with some people that needed to be touched base with. 
  • Precisely the sort of administrative minutia that quite rapidly causes my eyes to glaze over concerns insurance and related matters. Fortunately, I've got staff who are really good at that sort of thing, but, because of my position in the system, I can't insulate myself from it completely. My involvement today concerned the request from the Church Pension Group to help them develop an initial database of congregations and other institutions of the diocese that are "under the authority of the church," the reason being that, as of 2013, all such entities will be required to participate in the Denominational Health Plan, in a way that ensures "parity" between ordained and lay employees, and also enroll lay employees who work half-time or more in CPG's 401(k) program, with an exposure of an amount equal to 9% of said lay payroll. So this could potentially have a significant impact on some places. I understand and support the laudable motives behind these impending new requirements. My fear is that they will trigger the Law of Unintended Consequences. Big time. And that the people they are intended to help will end up the losers.

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