Friday, May 27, 2011


  • Checked out of our hotel in Oconomowoc and headed back to the Nashotah campus for the regular semi-annual meeting of the board of trustees. (Brenda chilled out on the grounds, bookstore, library, and refectory while I was in the meeting.) The report from the ad hoc committee that I convened was received by the board and the Dean was tasked with creatively and charitably implementing its recommendations. Dean Munday, however, had already announced his resignation effective June 30 (he'll be joining the faculty), so it will be Bishop Salmon, board chairman and (interim) Dean-elect to whom this work will fall.
  • To my surprise and delight, the board's work was finished around 12:30, so after a refectory lunch and additional conversation, we headed toward Chicago, running a couple of errands and dealing with holiday traffic. We arrived at our daughter and son-in-law's Logan Square condo in time to order out for dinner and spend the evening visiting. (Summer is about ready to present us with our second grandchild, any day now ... really ... any day now.)
  • Owing to a series of interlocking events, I have no parish visitation this weekend, so we're going to take some time off and hang north in the Chicago area until Sunday afternoon. Like I said ... any day now.

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  1. You certainly deserve a break! Hope that grandbaby comes real soon, too.....

    Kathie - Danville