Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday (St Dunstan)

  • Usual morning routine; MP in the cathedral, minor administrative tasks in the office.
  • Responded in a fair amount of detail to a multi-point email inquiry from one of the clergy of the diocese.
  • Met with a potential ordinand to the priesthood and his rector. Ended up discussing some rather exciting strategic ideas for mission in the diocese.
  • Revised and finalized my report to the Nashotah House Board of Trustees on the special project I have been working on. Arranged for an advance copy to be sent to each of them. I will present it in person a week from now.
  • Lunch at home. Then took a couple of shirts to an alterations place to get the sleeves shortened.
  • Wrote an article for the Salem (IL) newspaper explaining what Anglicanism and the Episcopal Church are. This will run in close temporal proximity to Jeff Kozuszek's ordination to the priesthood there next month. 
  • Sent Jeff a slightly annotated document template for his ordination liturgy.
  • Wrote another ad clerum ("to the clergy") letter, which Sue will send out tomorrow.
  • Conceived and began to gestate my homily for Pentecost (June 12, at Emmanuel, Champaign).
  • Loaded up the car with vestments and ecclesiastical hardware that I will need over the coming weekend.
  • EP in the cathedral.
  • At home after dinner, packed for my early-starting travel day tomorrow. Heading for Marquette, Michigan for Saturday's consecration of the 11th Bishop of Northern Michigan.

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