Tuesday, May 10, 2011


  • Usual morning routine; MP in cathedral.
  • Usual Tuesday catch-up conversation with the Archdeacon, the need for which was heightened by his absence from the office last week at a conference.
  • Another Tuesday chore: clearing my desk of accumulated items that need processing or scanning or (on the rarest of occasions) filing.
  • Spoke on the phone with the Rector of Holy Trinity, Danville, which is the venue of my visit the Sunday after next.
  • Worked on music for Sunday's enthronement liturgy (hopefully for the final time), consulted with several interested parties on the details.
  • Spoke on the phone with the Rector of St Paul's, Pekin, where I am speaking tomorrow evening.
  • Lunch at home
  • Corresponded by email with my "official" portrait photographer (who also happens to be my brother) regarding some of the mechanics of making the fruit of our mutual labor available to churches for the customary parish office photo of the bish.
  • Corresponded by email with the chair of the Department of General Mission Strategy regarding the possibility of an overnight working retreat for said group sometime in the next few months. Talked with the diocesan staff (who all happened to be congregating in Sue's office at the time!) about some possible times and places.
  • Registered for June's short meeting (in Chicago) of the Province V bishops.
  • Got a few ducks in a row for this Saturday's Diocesan Council meeting. Observed to anyone within earshot that we have an administrative and executive infrastructure appropriate for a diocese eight or ten times our size.
  • Worked some more on my Nashotah House special project. Glad that this one is coming to a head.
  • Massaged my sermon for this Sunday (St George's, Belleville) into pretty much its final shape.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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  1. AMEN to the observation / comments re size of Diocesan Council, etc.