Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday (St Monnica)

  • Usual early morning chores. MP in cathedral.
  • Spoke on the phone with Fr Keith Roderick, Rector of St Andrew's, Carbondale, about various aspects of our ministry in that part of the diocese.
  • Processed the accumulated detritus that had arrived on my desk since last week at this time. Mostly, this means scanning and round-filing. I'm aiming for as paper-free an environment as possible.
  • Followed up on several details (involving emails and phone calls) related to my Nashotah House special project. This took me all the way until noon.
  • After lunch, I responded to several more accumulated emails, some of which have been waiting a few days, in various degrees of detail. 
  • Took a chatty incoming call from an old friend and colleague from my Louisiana years.
  • Began to look into travel plans to attend the conscration of the next bishop of Northern Michigan on May 20 before being interrupted by another long phone call regarding--you guessed it--the Nashotah House special project. Thankfully, there is a time-certain conclusion to this: the trustees meeting on May 26. 
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • After dinner at home, back to the task of getting to Marquette, MI and back expeditiously. The mission was finally accomplished, but I am gobsmacked by how much time gets sucked up making online travel arrangements.

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