Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  • Usual morning routine (email, tasks); Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Based on my conversation with Fr Kellington yesterday, I cobbled together the talk that I will give at St Paul's in Pekin tomorrow evening.
  • Worked on hand-written thank-you notes to family and friends who made monetary contributions toward the acquisition of all the "stuff" I need to operate liturgically, ceremonially, and symbolically as a bishop. (This is distinguished from those who contributed in response to the Standing Committee's appeal toward the same end.)
  • Met with Fr Tom Davis, a recently retired priest of the diocese, a sort of getting-to-know-you encounter that I very much appreciated him initiating.
  • Lunch at home (leftover chicken fajita tacos from last night--yum!)
  • Swung by the framing shop to pick up my consecration certificate. Beautifully done.
  • Met with some key players in Sunday afternoon's "enthronement" liturgy to walk everything through and get our logistics down. Time well spent.
  • Finished the thank-you notes I started earlier.
  • Finished pulling together a draft for my sermon on Easter V (May 22) at Holy Trinity, Danville. (Did this in the central "rotunda" of the office building, as the A/C in my own office appeared to have some issues, which were successfully addressed while I waited.)
  • Finished refining a document (a "customary") that will serve as a reference for congregations as they prepare for the Bishop's regular annual visit. After all, something's got to tell them I'm not much of a salad eater!
  • Took care of some minor administrative chores to the loud accompaniment of a Country & Western band entertaining a developing party in the parking lot of the B&B next door.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral (also to the accompaniment of the band next door).

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