Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday (Martyrs of Uganda)

  • Usual morning routine; MP in cathedral.
  • Prepared music for a sung Psalm at next Friday's ordination of Jeff Kozuscek to the priesthood.
  • Met with the Rev. Mollie Ward, and talked about her work as a hospital chaplain and CPE supervisor at Advocate BroMenn hospital in Bloomington. Glad to be able to learn more about one of the extra-parochial ministries of our diocese.
  • Talked with the Archdeacon at some length about some property and finance issues. (The two usually do seem to go together.)
  • Tried to register for the September House of Bishops meeting in Quito, Ecuador. Ran into various technological snags, and the job is not yet done. Grrr.
  • Lunch at home while Brenda hurriedly packed in response to the news that our daughter had officially gone into labor in Chicago.
  • Had trouble getting traction on the task list the rest of the afternoon. One of "those days" that just seems to get away and you're not quite sure what happened. Did, however, make serious progress on a sermon for Pentecost (June 12) at Emmanuel, Champaign.
  • Evening Prayer in the office between phone calls to/from Brenda helping her negotiate Chicagoland roadways and traffic. Then I loaded what seems like most of my liturgical haberdashery in the car since I won't be back in the office until the 14th.
  • Got news that little Elsa (well, not so little at 9 lbs. 11 oz.) was born around dinner time. Brenda is there helping take care of big sister Charlotte, so I'm on my own for a few days. Poor me. If I go missing, question the orange tabby first. With a little enhanced interrogation, he'll talk.
Here's Elsa. What's more blessedly beautiful than new life?

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