Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday (St Barnabas)

  • Took the morning for a down payment on some of the decompressing I need to do in the wake of a hectic travel schedule the last three weeks. Good long, hard walk--always a welcome event.
  • Refined and polished my homily for Pentecost (at Emmanuel, Champaign) and got a head start on processing the emails that have been in limbo while I had limited internet access.
  • Brenda and I dropped by a graduation party for a young lady from St Paul's Cathedral whose family has been exceptionally kind to us during our transition into Springfield.
  • Hit the Illinois highway system (my new best friend) once again at 3pm, heading for a 5pm Solemn Evensong for the Eve of Pentecost at St John's Chapel in Champaign, at which I "pontificated." As always at St John's, the liturgy and music were first rate. What a magnificent tradition Fr Tim Hallett has helped foster there over the last 35 years. He concludes his ministry tomorrow. We were honored to be invited to a wonderful, and emotional, dinner given in his honor, and Mary's, by parishioners and alumni of the chapel.
  • Repaired to the La Quinta in Champaign and caught up on the email processing I had started earlier.

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