Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday (St Justin Martyr)

  • Task planning and eMail processing at home; Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Processed various items with the Diocesan Administrator and Archdeacon (mostly involving shifts in my visitation schedule, supply work, and the like).
  • Took a phone call from a cleric regarding a potential request for permission to solemnize a marriage in which both partners have at least one former spouse still living. (These questions, by canon, fall to the Bishop.) We discussed the options, and agreed that being both pastoral and principled usually involves walking a pretty fine line.
  • Made travel plans for a cameo appearance (about 24 hours) at EYE (the trienniel Episcopal Youth Event, to be held later this month in St Paul, MN). Had to evaluate the relative merits of driving vs. flying. Finally decided to fly, and made the necessary reservations. But even with Sue handling the hotel piece of the puzzle (as she does for me routinely now), I remain distressed by the inordinate amount of time such endeavors suck up by the time your look at the relevant options. Seriously.
  • Lunch at home.
  • We have two ordinations to the priesthood later this month, so Sue informed me it was time to play with hot wax. She turned the heat on under the pan and I grabbed my engraved stamp of the diocesan seal. After a couple of practice runs on some blank card stuck, we were successful in applying a seal to the two ordination certificates and one Letter of Institution. 
  • Took a phone call from the head of the search committee of one of our congregations currently in transition. She had several questions and concerns that she wanted my input on.
  • Left a phone message with, and emailed, a colleague bishop in my "Class of 2011" regarding a potential project that we hatched together over evening libations last week at the College for Bishops event we both attended.
  • Advanced the gestation of my sermon for this Sunday at St John's in Centralia. Hopefully it will be ready to be born when the moment arrives.
  • Took a call from the rector of the parish where I am visiting on Trinity Sunday to discuss the details of the visit. He gets points for having actually read the customary and making the requested call! (Actually, compliance has so far been stellar by everyone concerned.)
  • Evening Prayer (for the Eve of Ascension) in the cathedral.

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