Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday (Evelyn Underhill)

  • Heavy email processing at home; Morning Prayer in the cathedral a little on the late side.
  • Reviewed Springfield School for Ministry curriculum as part of prep for Saturday's Commission on Ministry planning day.
  • Responded to a request for a marital judgment from a priest of the diocese. Made a mental note to revise the guidelines and process.
  • Worked on guidelines and a training outline for licensed Eucharistic Visitors. With some further refinements, I expect this will be sent out to the clergy fairly soon.
  • First meeting with a potential postulant for Holy Orders.
  • Quick drive-through lunch at Taco Gringo. (Laugh if you must, but I like their enchiladas.)
  • Gathered info regarding air travel to Quito, Ecuador, where the September House of Bishops meeting is taking place.
  • Met Fr Greg Tournoux, rector of Christ Church, Springfield, regarding details of my visit there a week from this Sunday.
  • Registered (online) for the September House of Bishops meeting in Quito.
  • Hatched a sermon for Proper 6 (June 26, Christ Church, Springfield).
  • Took care of a handful of relatively trivial administrative loose ends
  • Reviewed and renewed the diocese's participation in the Education for Ministry program, a lay training course sponsored by the School of Theology at Sewanee.
  • Knocked off a little early (around 4:15) so I could get a walk in before dinner. Exercise needs to be a "big rock" in my time management (referring to the model of different size rocks representing things that need to get done by putting them into a bucket or bowl--put the big rocks in first, or else there won't be room for them). Evening Prayer (memorized short form) while walking.
  • I probably ought to say how blessed I feel to live in an area of town where walking through neighborhoods (and Washington Park) is such an experience of beauty.

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