Friday, July 8, 2011


  • Early morning power walk, task planning at home; MP in the cathedral.
  • Met with Norm Taylor in connection with his role as chair of the Department of World Mission.
  • Met with the Diocesan Administrator to look at the hotel reservations I will need on most weekends through September.
  • Made some reference check phone calls regarding a candidate for one of our vacant clergy positions.
  • Spoke by phone for about 35 minutes with the person who was the subject of the reference checks, then sent out a couple of emails in light of the phone interview.
  • Lunch at Subway, eaten in my car while listening to the radio.
  • Processed a batch of emails. Dismayed at the time it took me to do this.
  • Went online and bought two copies of a book, to be delivered to a couple of people in the diocese who will, I hope, find it interesting and useful.
  • Called and scheduled an appointment for an eye examination. My glasses aren't working for me anymore when I'm using a computer.
  • Closed the door of my office and engaged in an Ignatian-style discursive meditation on a gospel passage (the one appointed for Evening Prayer--from Mark, the preaching of John the Baptist and the baptism of Christ).
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
  • OK ... at odd points during the day, I did play a little with the new Google+ app, a potential challenge to Facebook, to which I managed to score an "invite" [sic--I would never use a verb as a noun!] yesterday.

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