Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday (St Macrina)

  • Tuesday task planning and email processing at home.
  • Stopped by St John's Hospital on my way downtown for a quick followup to some tests my conscientious new doctor had me subjected to yesterday. 
  • Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Processed a week's worth of accumulated paper on my credenza. Handled sundry administrative mini-decisions.
  • Left for a late-morning appointment with my new eye doctor. Left with a new prescription, and an order for some new glasses.
  • Quick drive-through lunch at ... you guessed it ... Taco Gringo. Feeling wild and crazy, I had chicken enchiladas instead of beef.
  • Met with an individual over a sensitive pastoral/administrative matter. Then composed a letter as a follow up to the meeting.
  • Stole a few minutes to take care of rental car arrangement for the west coast portion of our upcoming vacation.
  • Reviewed some materials sent to me by the person who will be facilitating our strategic planning retreat in September.
  • Dashed off a condolence note to a former parishioner whose husband has just died.
  • Put some meat on the bones of the homily I will deliver at Redeemer, Cairo and St James', Marion the weekend following my vacation (13-14 August).
  • Evening Prayer in the office. Got home on the early side in order to be available for the last hour of preparation prior to the arrival of dinner company. (Grilled gourmet burgers. It was so hot on the patio I almost didn't need to light the coals.)

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