Wednesday, July 6, 2011


  • Early morning walk (abbreviated--2.5 miles), task planning over tea and muffin.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dealth with various administrative minutia, conversation with the Archdeacon over the clerical vacancies we are trying to deal with. In what seemed like the twinkling of an eye it was time to head north for my PM appointments.
  • Lunch with Fr Desmond Francis, rector of Christ the King in Normal. This was part of my "face-time-with-clergy-in-charge-of-congregations project, even though the 90-day time frame I once had in mind for completing this has come and gone. 
  • Met with a layperson at a coffee shop in Normal over a pastoral care issue.
  • Drove to the Lake Bloomington area to be the "host" at the annual "Bishop's BBQ" at the camping program we have long shared with the Diocese of Quincy (now in its ACNA incarnation). It's no longer a BBQ, thanks to Colonel Sanders, but the kids seem to enjoy the fried chicken a great deal. I enjoyed being able to connect with both campers and staff. It's a terrific program that obviously touches lives across generations.
  • Home around 8:30.

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