Wednesday, July 20, 2011


  • Morning Prayer in the office (still too hot in the cathedral).
  • Finally got hold of Wippell's U.S. office (after several attempts over several days) to take care of some haberdashery needs.
  • Had a scheduled phone conversation with my peer mentor, Bishop Bill Love of Albany.
  • Looked over the readings for my visit to St Laurence, Effingham on August 28; made notes on a homiletical direction for that occasion.
  • Took care of some minor administrative chores that will make it possible for me to be on vacation in a timely manner.
  • Home at lunchtime.
  • Reviewed the academic transcript of a potential ordinand who has some theological training; composed a memo on the subject to some officially interested parties.
  • More minor administrative chores/decisions.
  • Out the door at 3pm to go home, grab Brenda, and head south for a dinner engagement in the Belleville area.
  • Then to St George's Church for a meeting with clergy and laity from the Darrow Deanery. We discussed issues of mission strategy. Home around 11.

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