Friday, August 26, 2011


  • Task planning at home, Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Today was our quarterly Diocesan Council meeting, of which I am the President. Though it officially begins with Mass at 10am, people trickle in for an hour or so beforehand, and if the Bishop is visible, the Bishop participates in welcoming the tricklers. It's my joy!
  • The liturgy was ably celebrated by Fr Dave Halt, with Fr Gene Stormer "bringing the message" (as we used to say in my long prior ecclesial incarnation).
  • The meeting--shall I say it?--was more substantive than the last three (all that I have attended), as it involved presentation, discussion, and approval of the 2012 operating budget, which will now be presented to Synod in October.
  • Met briefly in my office with Fr Dale Coleman (rector of St George's, Belleville), and then set out on foot for lunch with him and with Chuck Evans, a Council member also from St George's. (It was nearly 1:30 before we left for lunch.)
  • Responded to some emails and took a couple of phone calls. (If you know anything about introverts, it's dawning on you that I wasn't much good for productive work at this point.)
  • Prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. 

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