Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday (Blessed Charles Grafton, Bishop of Fond du Lac)

  • Task planning at home, MP in the cathedral.
  • Took care of a batch of emails, a couple of which required fairly thoughtful and detailed responses, debriefed with the Archdeacon on various matters, and did my usual Tuesday scanning chores.
  • Lunch from Taco Gringo, eaten at home.
  • Checked in by phone with Fr Tucker regarding some details of my visit to Mount Vernon this weekend.
  • Had an hour-long scheduled phone conversation with a dear old friend, a discipline we have agreed on as a measure of mutual spiritual accountability, given an added dimension of poignancy since our paths have taken us in divergent ecclesial directions.
  • Completed and refined my homily for this coming Sunday, at Trinity, Mount Vernon.
  • Wrote some emails by way of preparing for the Mass at October's annual Synod of the diocese (known as "convention" in most dioceses). Began to get my thoughts in order as to the details of that liturgy.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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