Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday (Martyrs of New Guinea)

  • Still too hot even early in the morning for a walk or reading the paper on the porch. So ... usual routine at home, Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Processed the latest batch of emails, and handled some too-long-pending correspondence.
  • Did some background reading and research in preparation for a sermon I've been invited to give at the (Our Lady of) Walsingham pilgrimage at Holy Trinity, Danville next month.
  • Took care of some relatively mundane administrative chores.
  • Lunch with the Archdeacon at Xoxomilco, a Mexican joint on the west side.
  • Traded a bunch of emails with my photographer brother. We're about to have the Bishop Daniel Martins Official Portrait website up and running, with a handful of different poses available for purchase by parishes and other interested parties.
  • Back to the optometrist for a recheck. The glasses I picked up a couple of weeks ago are not working out. They're going to make new lenses.
  • Got some formal administrative ducks in a row for the winding down of St James', McLeansboro as an active mission of the diocese. The silver lining is that the building is being sold to a local concern with an interest in historic preservation. They will restore it to original condition and then allow us to use it for worship on either a regular or occasional basis. St James' Church will be re-designated as a chapel, under the auspices of the Hale Deanery. All in all, as pretty close to a win-win outcome as could have been imagined.
  • Spent some prayer time in Ignatian-style discursive meditation on a portion of the Passion according to St Mark (the passage appointed for this evening in the office lectionary).
  • Evening Prayer in the office.

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