Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday (St Ninian)

  • Morning Prayer and Bible study at our tables in the main meeting room.
  • Another guest presenter on Liberation Theology, with Q & A. Interestingly, both today's and yesterday's speakers are Brazilian, but they delivered their talks in Spanish.
  • Eucharist at 11:45--in Spanish.
  • Lunch was on our own. I ended up at a nearby bistro with the Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Our dioceses have much in common, size-wise and challenge-wise, so we had a very stimulating discussion.
  • Reconvened for a panel discussion, the panel being made up of the three presenters we've heard thus far. It was a challenging day for Anglophones, as virtually everything was in Spanish. We had to rely on simultaneous translation via headsets.
  • Then we were briefed on some of the logistical details for tomorrow's field trips.
  • I repaired to our room (Brenda was on a day-long field trip with several of the spouses) and began a blog post on Liberation Theology. It's still a work in progress, Evening Prayer on my own.
  • Drinks and dinner with some colleagues, staying within the Hilton.
  • Attended a voluntary "Indaba" discussion on the subject of same-sex blessings. A theology paper and a draft liturgy have been made available to the bishops. Of course, I cannot support any version of this project, but it was good to hear what others are thinking,

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  1. Glad you had the time with +Sean. He's a good friend.