Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was sidelined most of today due to a scheduled outpatient diagnostic procedure in the morning that left me feeling a trifle pekid. I've had some volunteer tissue on my thyroid that was discovered over the summer. A succession of tests failed to rule out what one hopes to rule out in such cases, including a needle biopsy last month. Today was a repeat of that procedure, only with a ENT specialist at the helm. The results were not as conclusive as might be hoped for, but that very inconclusiveness is, in its way, encouraging, since cancerous tissue in the thyroid tends to want to call attention to itself. The operative word, however, is "tends," so we'll have another look via ultrasound in a year's time. I'm grateful to have this behind me for the time being.


  1. I'm sure all will be well +Dan, but I'll add it to my prayers for you.

  2. Today the pathology report actually uses the word "benign" ... so better news yet.

  3. Another case of God's healing touch--hallelujah!