Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  • Too chilly for a comfortable morning walk. What a difference a week makes!
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Then made time to look at the avalanche of birthday greetings on Facebook.
  • Got word of a serious injury to one of our retired clergy wives. Checked in by phone, then wrote an Ad Clerum advising the diocesan clergy community of what has befallen some of their colleagues this week. Tried to strike an appropriate balance between transparency and guarding privacy as a conduit of information. 
  • Fleshed out a draft of my sermon for September 25, to be delivered at Christ the King, Normal.
  • Walked with the Archdeacon to a downtown restaurant and allowed him to treat me to a birthday lunch.
  • Ran a couple of domestic errands.
  • Began work on my remarks for Friday night's opening of the Department of General Mission Strategy planning retreat. This is pretty important, so I took care with it, which means it pretty much took the rest of the day ...
  • ... but was interrupted by Brenda's arrival in the office with a concoction called Chocolate Intemperance (let your imagination run wild exponentially on that one), which she pressed into service as a birthday cake. Those of us who inhabit the diocesan office during the day were soon joined by the cathedral staff from next door and a couple of others Brenda had invited for a bit of a party. Very nice.
  • Resumed and completed work on the DGMS presentation.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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