Friday, October 28, 2011

Ss Simon & Jude

  • Took it just a little easy on myself this morning, given the late night of baseball watching. So ... I read the morning office in my room, and missed Matins & Mass in St Mary's Chapel.
  • Took part in the fall academic convocation, at which several degrees were awarded, mostly to distance learning students. The distance learning program at Nashotah has been a raging success. Lord Carey of Clifton, the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury (will there ever be a 103rd Bishop of Springfield?!) delivered a fine talk on the significance of the King James translation of the Bible, on this, its 400th anniversary year.
  • At lunch, I had the opportunity, at a table with some students, alumni, another bishop, and a priest trustee, to share the nascent Springfield vision statement. There was great excitement.
  • After lunch, participated in the afternoon session of the Nashotah trustees meeting. We were one short of a quorum, so we couldn't transact any official business. Fortunately, we had already done the essential stuff yesterday, so we just had a very valuable discussion.
  • After a short visit to the lakefront--a luminous spot in the history of my soul--I was glad to get an earlier-than-expected start on the five hour drive home. Had two long an substantive phone conversations on the way.

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