Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday after All Saints

The mini-vacation ended yesterday as we flew home from Florida. The trip itself was blessedly uneventful--Cape Coral to Sarasota by rental car, Sarasota to Atlanta and Atlanta to Bloomington by air, then the 65 miles back to our Springfield home in the familiar Episcopal Chariot, 9.5 hours door-to-door. The fly in the ointment was that I was recovering from being wretchedly seasick during a "rough crossing" by ferry from Key West back to Fort Myers Beach on Friday night. I shan't mention the details, save for the fact that today it hurts to either cough or laugh!

So we were grateful for the "fall back" time change, compounded by another extra hour delivered by our transit from the eastern to the central time zone. This made for a very pleasant 8:30am arrival in Pekin for a 9am Mass at St Paul's, with one confirmation, followed by a very brief visit to the coffee hour, and then on to an 11am liturgy at All Saints', Morton, where I confirmed identical twin 17-year old young women. Both places are under the very able care of Fr Brian and Deacon Laurie Kellington.

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  1. +Dan, I know you don't usually get comments on this blog, but I just wanted to say what a lovely thing it is to see a little glimpse of the rich ministry of Brian and Laurie Kellington. What seems like 375 years ago, or the day before yesterday, Susy and I lived across the courtyard from Brian and Laurie at Nichols Hall in Berkeley while we were all in seminary together. They were exceptional people then and continue to be very dear to us. One of the highlights for me of that great celebration of ordination and consecration that you and the good people of Springfield made possible earlier this year (!) was the chance to catch up with them in person and to fill in the gaps between family Christmas letters . . . .