Friday, December 16, 2011


  • Having fasted all night, this time I was successful in leaving a blood sample at the lab so they can tell me my latest cholesterol numbers. Then back home for breakfast. 
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral, then a bit of email processing. 
  • The Department of General Mission Strategy convened at 10 for a very productive meeting that ended around 12:30. There is a great deal to be done, but I believe we are pointed in the right direction. 
  • Late and long lunch downtown with the Archdeacon and the Rector of Morgan County Parish (part of our DGMS meeting was spent discussing the need to begin using the new terminology). 
  • Made a phone call to one of our retired priests who has been dealing with some very serious health issues of late. 
  • One of my ongoing projects is to learn the names and county seats of all sixty counties in the Diocese of Springfield. To that end, I tested myself today. I'm apparently a little more than a third of the way toward the goal. 
  •  Friday prayer time: Turning out the lights in the office, kicking back in the recliner, and listening to a CD of musical settings of the "Great O Antiphons" of Advent (the time for which begins tomorrow evening). Advent is hugely important to me spiritually, and the Great O's continue to worm their way more deeply into my heart. 
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. 
  • In the evening, Brenda and watched, courtesy of Netflix, the film Of Gods & Men. If you want to know what the nth degree of "concretely incarnate" in our diocesan vision statement means, see this movie.

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