Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday (Nicholas Ferrar)

  • Usual morning routine at home, then off to a 10am meeting in Chesterfield (an approximately 75 minute drive).
  • Met for over two hours with virtually all the present active members of St Peter's, Chesterfield--about ten people--in search of a sustainable approach to ensuring their future as a Eucharistic Community, the third oldest in the diocese, with their little building dating back to 1848. Lots of good honest dialogue. More is yet needed. 
  • Grabbed lunch on the go at a Dairy Queen in Carlinville.
  • Got back to the office somewhere south of 1:30, and then worked a good while on processing my email inbox only slightly faster than new ones were arriving. 
  • Solidified and refined my homily for this Sunday, to be delivered at St Andrew's, Carbondale. 
  • Took a couple of substantive phone calls regarding a couple of emerging (well, ongoing actually) pastoral/administrative situations in a couple of our congregations.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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