Tuesday, December 13, 2011


  • Morning Prayer in my parked car outside the dental office where Brenda was scheduled for some oral surgery, from which she would emerge as a bit of a road hazard were she to get behind the wheel of a car. As it turned out, the procedure got delayed, but that's another story.
  • So...in the office just past 10am. Debriefed with the Archdeacon on my weekend visits to Paris, Mattoon, and Champaign.
  • Processed a batch of emails, which took me all the way up to noon.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • Usual Tuesday hard-copy scanning chores.
  • Reviewed the items on the "tree" of the diocesan website, in preparation for beginning the transition to a new one. I'm hoping to see a "beta" of the new site before too long.
  • Refined and otherwise polished my homily for this Sunday, at St Barnabas', Havana.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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