Sunday, January 8, 2012

Epiphany I: Baptism of Christ

  • Celebrated and preached the 10am liturgy at Trinity, Jacksonville, wherein we duly celebrated the mystery of Our Lord's baptism, renewed our own baptismal promises, and blessed a new aumbry for the storage of holy oils. It was a joyous occasion, until ...
  • ... while retiring to the sacristy after administering the sacrament to change from a chasuble back to a cope, I failed to negotiate the steps between the two rooms. I managed to hobble back out and finish the service, grateful for a sturdy crozier which served as a cane during the final trip down the aisle. 
  • Upon arriving back in Springfield, we went right to the nearby urgent care clinic. Diagnostic result: Avulsion fracture of the right distal fibula. My ankle is in a brace for the next four weeks. (I can wear a shoe over it.) It's difficult to predict how these injuries heal. I'm hoping mine is on the fast track, as my intention is to be doing a lot of walking in London two weeks from now.

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