Monday, January 16, 2012


I usually let this space lie fallow on my weekly sabbath, which is normally Monday. But in view of what the next two and a half weeks hold for me, a few words might be appropriate.

Tomorrow morning I board a train for Chicago, where I will attend a meeting of the bishops from Province V (all of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the eastern half of Missouri--15 dioceses in all). Then, late Wednesday afternoon, I catch a plane from Chicago to London, where I will stay for four nights, with day trips to see friends in the Oxford and Salisbury areas. Then, a week from today, it's off to Canterbury, and the main reason for the trans-oceanic trip--namely, a program for new bishops from around the Anglican Communion offered by the cathedral each January. I will probably be the only American there, and I very much look forward to a time of learning, making new connections, and being refreshed by participating in the daily worship of that great sign of Anglican identity and heritage.

So, while I am planning on having internet access virtually everywhere I go, my posts here may not be as regular as usual. I do, however, expect that I might "tweet" with some frequency (and if we are friends on Facebook, my tweets automatically appear there). You may follow me on Twitter @BishSpringfield.

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