Friday, February 24, 2012

St Matthias

  • Usual morning routine, at home and in the cathedral, although the latter portion was extended as I prepared to celebrate the Eucharist prior to the Diocesan Council meeting.
  • At my desk just long enough to answer a couple of emails before having to head back next door for the liturgy. We duly kept the feast of St Matthias, Apostle. 
  • Mercifully, Diocesan Council meetings are only quarterly in the Diocese of Springfield. In addition to the usual reports, and tweaking the 2012 budget, we had a fruitful discussion about companion diocese relationships in general, the nature of our commitment to ongoing ministry in the Cairo area. the proposal for a special General Convention in 2014 to restructure the operations of the Episcopal Church, and our relationship to the neighboring Diocese of Quincy.
  • Lunch with the Archdeacon at the Dublin Pub (the iteration thereof that is just a block from the cathedral).
  • Upon returning, took a phone call from the now vicar-elect of St Michael's, O'Fallon, notifying us of his acceptance of the call. I must keep his name secret until the leadership at St Michael's informs the congregation this Sunday, but I am very excited about the priest they have asked me to appoint. It's been a long road.
  • Began rough preparation for the second session of the Lenten teaching series I am giving at St Paul's, Alton. (By the way, these sessions are being recorded on video, and will be made available, probably first just on YouTube, but eventually via a YouTube link embedded on our still-to-come new diocesan website.)
  • Friday personal prayer time--lectio divina on Psalm 35.
  • Further private devotions and prayers in the cathedral, followed by a visit to St Luke's to participate (just as part of the congregation) in walking the Stations of the Cross. Evening Prayer (short memorized form) in the car on the way home.

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