Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday (Thomas Bray)

  • Concluded the clergy retreat with a "round table" (metaphorically speaking) discussion about ways of more effectively fostering clergy collegiality, the emerging strategic plan for diocesan mission, and the potential pastoral impact of actions taken by this summer's General Convention.
  • I had an afternoon to "kill," so I indulged my fondness for urban rail transit systems and caught an inbound Metrolink train at Swansea and rode it into down St Louis. My aimless walking around let me first to Macy's, where I bought an inexpensive had to keep the light rain off my glasses, then to Busch Stadium, where I quietly pronounced a curse (we'll see if it works; I should have brought a goat!), and finally to Christ Church Cathedral, where I barged in unannounced on Dean Michael Kinman and Bishop Wayne Smith. They received me most graciously.
  • My early evening gig was with the Search Committee at St Michael's, O'Fallon. We needed to have some heart-to-heart communication about where they are in their process. Time will tell how productive our time together was, but I am hopeful.

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