Thursday, March 8, 2012


  • Usual morning routine.
  • Took care of some "administrivia" related to a time of teaching and learning I am sharing tomorrow with our three transitional deacons on the subject of liturgy, and to my May travel plans.
  • Put some final touches on this Sunday's homily (reducing my text to a few verbal cues on a single folded sheet of paper, so I can preach from the aisle in a small congregation).
  • Joined the Standing Committee for their routine (if not, strictly speaking, regular) meeting.
  • At the encouragement of the Archdeacon, we all then adjourned to Taco Gringo for lunch. Having had their food only yesterday, I broke from my enchilada routine and had a chicken filet sandwich. Very gringo indeed!
  • Met for a very productive two hours with three members of the Department of General Mission Strategy (DGMS), who formed what might be understood as an executive committee of the DGMS. Our goal was to get organized ahead of the next meeting of the full group. I am very pleased with what we accomplished. 
  • Laid out the broad strokes of a homily for Easter II (to be delivered at St John's, Centralia).
  • Took a first pass at preparing an outline for Session Four of my Lenten teaching series in Alton. 
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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