Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  • Usual routine; Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Finished my working notes for next week's Lenten series presentation (the 21st), since I'll be away from home and office between now and then.
  • Took care of several concrete steps toward making the mission vision a reality. Tiny steps, in the larger scheme, but exciting nonetheless. We are broadening the base of those who will be involved in very tangible ways.
  • Shopped for, and purchased, a new, and much lighter, case for my laptop computer. 
  • Lunch from Chipotle Grill, eaten at home.
  • One final long treadmill workout before an intense period of travel.
  • Packed for being away seven days, then headed south to Alton for the third of five Lenten series presentations at St Paul's.
  • Made my way into St Louis, where I am now camped out at the Hilton Garden near the airport (one of those park-sleep-fly arrangements). I catch a plane for Houston in the morning, then on to Camp Allen in Navasota for the regular spring meeting of the House of Bishops.

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