Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Saturday

  • Up at an earlier-than-usual hour to arrive at Toddhall Retreat Center (in Columbia, southwest of Belleville, a two hour drive from Springfield) in order to arrive in time get ready for my 10:20am talk (rollo is the term of art used) at this year's diocesan Cursillo weekend. I then presided at the Eucharist for the candidates and staff members, had lunch with the group, and participated in a panel of clergy answering written questions that had been submitted by the candidates regarding the talks they had heard thus far. 
  • Got back home just before 4pm. Got about 20 minutes of nap time, then my (becoming) customary thirty minutes of weight training followed by thirty minutes on the treadmill at challenging pace (speed and incline). "High intensity interval training" is the general target I'm aiming at. I'm sure it needs to be refined.
  • Packed for an overnight and hit the road again, with Brenda in tow now, sometime past six. Had dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Litchfield (one of our regular haunts when the timing works out), then on to Mount Vernon, where we checked in around ten. Tomorrow: 8:30 Mass at St John's, Centralia.

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