Friday, April 27, 2012


  • Out the door a little earlier than usual in order to keep an appointment I made for my car to have its 30,000 service.
  • Having inadvertently left my laptop computer in my daughter's Chicago apartment yesterday, I borrowed the one used by Treasurer Jim Donkin on the days he's in the office (happily for me today, not Friday). The fact that virtually all my work now is done "in the cloud" means that my carelessness resulted only in an inconvenience, not a disaster. My laptop will be arriving by FedEx tomorrow. I consider the steep price of that service an appropriate fine for not being more thorough when I loaded the car and headed out yesterday.
  • After securing my new temporary connection to the cloud, and debriefing with the Archdeacon on some administrivia, I prayed the morning office in the cathedral.
  • Made a pastoral phone call to a diocesan lay leader who is facing some serious health issues.
  • Wrote a (somewhat belated) note of condolence to a bishop colleague who recently lost a loved one.
  • Followed through with some "planning to plan" regarding the clergy/musicians conference I wrote about yesterday.
  • Processed a substantial batch of emails.
  • Brenda came and took me back to the Hynudai dealer to retrieve my vehicle. I picked up some fried catfish for lunch from a place called Da Catch. Ate it in the office.
  • Worked on the homily for Easter IV that I will deliver tomorrow evening at St Peter's, Chesterfield.
  • Wrote out seventeen cards to clergy and spouses with birthdays and anniversaries in May.
  • Spent an hour trying to learn more about the software the supports our still-in-beta new website. The breakthrough will come soon, I'm sure.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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