Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

  • Task planning at home.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon on some administrivia, then with Lori Casson in the cathedral office over some details of the Easter Vigil program.
  • Devotions in the cathedral, actual MP in my own office.
  • More administrivia.
  • Phone interview with another potential candidate for St John's Chapel, Champaign.
  • Determined a date and venue for a June clergy day.
  • Lunch at home--leftovers.
  • Exercise: weights and treadmill.
  • Refined my Easter sermon.
  • Yet more administrivia.
  • Spent an hour working on the still-in-beta new diocesan website. Exchanged emails with the chair of our Department of Communication, who is running point on this.
  • Met with a potential aspirant to Holy Orders (first informal meeting).
  • Went home briefly to eat.
  • Presided at the Maundy Thursday liturgy at the cathedral. (The Dean preached a fine homily.) The washing of feet and the stripping of the altar are always profoundly moving.

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