Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday (St Dunstan)

  • An early day, as Saturdays go: In the office/cathedral area at 9am to get ready for the Mass that begins the quarterly Diocesan Council meeting at 10. Celebrated the preached the commemoration of St Dunstan of Canterbury.
  • Council was neither particularly dramatic nor particularly boring. There was some important, but non-contentious, discussion around a handful of issues, plus the usual routine reports.
  • Quick lunch at China 1 on South Grand.
  • Reconvened at 1pm at the office with the General Convention deputation (or most of it, at any rate). Helpful discussion about both technical practicalities and some of the substantive issues convention will be dealing with.
  • Home around 3pm for a brief nap, a workout, and a bunch of email processing.

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