Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday (St Columba)

  • Out the door at 7:30 and on the road to Todd Hall. Met with a group of diocesan youth and their leaders who had been involved with Work Week, which took place this year in Harrisburg, still recovering from a February tornado. I led the group in unpacking some of the spiritual and theological implications of their experience. Then we celebrated the Eucharist together. 
  • Back home a little past 1pm. Took a good long and hard nap. 
  • Did my usual thrice-weekly weights and treadmill workout (takes about an hour). 
  • Packed and hit the road again, this time with Brenda. Dinner in Litchfield (where there's a Ruby Tuesday; for some reason, Brenda always feels uncommonly good on their food). Then on to Vandalia for the night, ahead of a visit tomorrow to St Thomas', Salem.

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