Wednesday, June 13, 2012


  • Usual morning routine. 
  • Processed a batch of emails. 
  • Drafted a working text for my homily at St John the Baptist, Mt Carmel on the dedicatory feast, June 24. 
  • Lunch at home (leftovers).
  • "Played with hot wax," as the Administrator likes to put it. Got it right on the first try all by myself, and now we have an ordination certificate ready to present to Chaplain Major David Peters when we make him a priest this Sunday morning. 
  • Attended to some General Convention business. Lots of prep work necessary, both in connection with my committee assignment and otherwise. 
  • Met with two lay leaders from one of our congregations over a matter of some serious concern. 
  • More General Convention and Nashotah House business. 
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.

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