Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday (David Pendleton Oakerhater)

Arrived at the diocesan office (sometimes known affectionately as the Round House) in time for an 11am meeting with Kathy Moore and Brian Maves of the Youth Department. We're very excited to be planning a pilgrimage for high-school age youth to Canterbury and other holy places in England that are the foundations of our identity as Anglican Christians. More details will be forthcoming shortly, but the dates we have tentatively settled on are June 20-June 30 of 2014, about 22 months from now. We also discussed a range of other youth ministry-related concerns, and I was surprised when we finished and saw that we had consumed two hours. It didn't seem that long.

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  1. Just returned from a pilgrimage to England and Scotland with the youth from St. Christopher's and Grace churches in the Diocese of Chicago. Thought you might like the blog the youth made while away. Maybe it'll be a help to your staff.

    Ian Burch, Oak Park IL