Monday, April 8, 2013

Annunciation (transferred)

After a hospital weekend that seemed to move at the speed of a glacier, today my room was abuzz with activity. I met with my surgeon's research assistants, and later with them again along with the surgeon. I had a dentist come to me to take some dental X-rays in my room (her evaluation is part of the pre-surgery clearance process), another nursing assistant, a social worker, and a discharge nurse. I hardly had time to turn around. Then, mid-afternoon, I was paroled and released on my own recognizance. After stopping by the lab to have some more blood drawn for typing and cross-match, my son ferried me to his apartment in Logan Square, where I am now holed up (more or less) until I report for surgery on Thursday morning. As long as I'm sedentary, I feel fine. When I do even a moderate amount of slow walking, I experience what my cardiologist here helpfully refers to as "chest awareness." I am so grateful I found this condition when I did, and that there is a way to correct it.


  1. Felt moved to light a candle for you in the side chapel at St. Mark's, Glen Ellyn. Blessings for your procedure on Thursday.

    Ian (regular reader and hospital chaplain in the Diocese of Chicago)

  2. "Chest awareness" makes me think how unaware we are of all the little automatic processes that are going inside all the time. God created something wonderful didn't He?

    May the Lord be at your side.