Thursday, October 30, 2014


  • Usual Thursday morning quality time with the Bowflex and the treadmill. 
  • Launched the next volley of email negotiations with Nashotah board members for winter meeting dates. 
  • Morning Prayer at home. 
  • Off to Bloomington around 9:30. While en route, spoke for the first time with the newly-appointed search committee chair for the Episcopal Parish of Alton. I believe we have both gotten onto the same page. 
  • Met at St Matthew's with the members of the Spiritual Vitality Team, Frs Kellington and Halt. 
  • Lunch with Fr Halt, with him alternating between his "Rector of St Matthew's" and "Standing Committee President" hats. 
  • Back at the office around 3pm. 
  • Wrote my Chairman of the Board column for the Lent 2015 issue of Nashotah's quarterly magazine, The Missioner. (Yes, the work that far ahead.) 
  • Took my homily for Proper 27 (November 9 in Rantoul) from developed notes to rough draft stage. E
  • vening Prayer in the cathedral.

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