Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Lord's Day: Solemnity of All Saints

Well, it had to happen eventually, I suppose. A communication snafu meant I was 30 minutes late rather than my intended 30 minutes early for the All Saints celebration at All Saints Church in Morton--their 50th anniversary, no less, with their former priest Fr Robert Lewis and his family in the congregation, and Fr Brian Kellington and Deacon Laurie Kellington up front. By phone, I asked them to start without me 15 minutes late. As I walked into the sacristy from the outside, I heard the concluding response to the gospel, so I just emerged in my street clothes and preached my sermon. I made myself "decently habited" during the creed and presided from then on. After a wonderful potluck, Fr Brian and I drove up to Peoria to bring the sacrament to Bishop Donald Parsons, who is laid up with a broken ankle. What a joyful privilege and a wonderful end to my visit.

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