Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday (St George)

  • Task planning at home for my one day in the office this week. 
  • Dropped my car off at the dealer for service; walked the six blocks or so down Second Street to the office. 
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon over some emerging pastoral/administrative issues in a couple of parishes. 
  • Stopped by the cathedral office to welcome Fr Andy Hook, just taking up his duties as Provost. 
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral. 
  • Talked with the rector of one of our parishes over an emerging pastoral issue. 
  • Talked with Fr James Muriuki, Priest-in-Charge of Redeemer, Cairo over some of the details of his upcoming installation. 
  • Refined and printed a working text for my homily this Sunday. 
  • Walked back up to Isringhausen Imports, but my car wasn't quite ready, so I cooled my jets there for about 40 minutes. 
  • Picked up an Italian beef sandwich from Chi-Town's Finest and took it home to eat. 
  • Went for my semi-annual teeth cleaning and dental checkup. 
  • Took care of a small bit of the large task of General Convention preparation. 
  • Took a first prayerful pass at the readings for Proper 5 (June 7 at Trinity, Jacksonville). 
  • Responded via email to a couple of additional pastoral and administrative concerns. 
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. 
  • Brenda and I then took Fr Hook out to dinner.

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