Saturday, January 9, 2016


It was an honor to preside at the Requiem Mass this afternoon at St Paul's, Pekin for the Rt Revd Donald James Parsons, VI Bishop of Quincy. He was a retired bishop for longer than I've been in holy orders (nearly 27 years), and already a larger-than-life legendary figure before I even started seminary. And then, for the last five years of his life, I was *his* bishop. The turns our lives take are amazing. When we commit his remains to the earth next week at Nashotah House, we may be burying a saint. Of course, everything today was complicated a bit by the weather--the driving time from Springfield to Pekin was 50% longer than normal. Coming home, we swung over to catch I-155 instead of IL 29, and the road was clear and dry.

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