Yesterday I packed my bags and headed to the airport according to plan, got checked in and cleared security. A few minutes later we got the word that our departure (Springfield to Chicago, then a moderate layover followed by Chicago to Asheville) was delayed due to mechanical issues with the aircraft. I'm all for them taking all the time they need to get that sort of thing right, bit the time frame that gave us meant that I would miss my connection. A phone call to United yielded that information that the best they could do was route me to LaGuardia and deposit me in Asheville (which is still a 30 minute or so drive from Kanuga) around 10:45pm. I made a snap decision, canceled my reservation, retrieved my checked bag, and hit the road: 700 miles, about 12 hours. I arrived at 1am, only about 90 minutes after I would have gotten here anyway, and now I have a car. There may be some moments of regret when it comes time to go home, but on the whole, it was a decent decision. I'm pretty fond of road trips, and I got here fully alert, having enjoyed a wonderful rendition of Mahler's 2nd Symphony on sattelite radio as I was driving through the Smokies.

Today the focus of the HoB was on ministry to and with young adults, certainly a very timely topic given the demographics of the Episcopal Church. In off moments, I have reconnected with old friends and acquaintances, and met people in the concrete whom I have heretofore known only the in abstract. The weather here is rainy and cold (40s), so the much-touted natural charms of Kanuga have not yet been revealed to me.


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